Running From the Truth

New York Magazine’s article about Alex Gibney (“How Alex Gibney Is Reinventing Documentary Filmmaking,” June 27, 2016) concedes that Alex Gibney’s “only interaction with active Scientologists [for his HBO movie Going Clear] was via legal threats and public confrontations.”

In other words, he did not do his job. Gibney hid from the Church of Scientology for two years making his film in secret. In two years he took no opportunity to “interact” with Scientologists, let alone pay a visit to the Church in New York.

The Church wrote to Gibney multiple times with one simple request: a fair opportunity for the Church to respond to allegations he was planning to make. He refused. He even went so far as to shun 25 people who traveled to New York expressly to see him, individuals who had firsthand knowledge relevant to his film. But Gibney was loathe to hear the truth from those who knew best about the phony, provably false allegations in his film spun by his embittered, discredited sources.

The only reason Alex Gibney did not “interact” with Scientologists is because he did not want to. That’s why his film was propaganda, not a documentary.


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