Alex Gibney and the prison of bigotry

Alex Gibney’s HBO film Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is anything but an honest documentary. It’s naked propaganda. Cherry picking the usual handful of admitted liars and smear artists desperate for money and attention, Gibney in Going Clear crafts a one-sided hit piece aimed at inciting religious hatred that he never intended to be fair. Alex Gibney’s embittered malcontents, expelled from the Church of Scientology for chronic lying and criminal activity, regurgitate the same lies and myths they have told for years that were long ago discredited by the courts, their own words, their admissions of lying and even by their own family members. Alex Gibney refused to listen. He wouldn't speak to the Church, listen to the Church or meet with the Church. Sadly, Alex Gibney’s Going Clear is part of a larger disturbing and incendiary First Amendment assault on religious freedoms from those who seek to mock people of faith. Alex Gibney and his co-producer, Lawrence Wright, a proud, self-proclaimed atheist who equates religious beliefs to a “prison”, arrogantly believe they are smarter than the rest of us when it comes to exercising our religious freedoms. This information is intended to show the true story behind the Going Clear propaganda manufactured by HBO, Alex Gibney, Lawrence Wright using sources willing to serve up whatever lies are needed.

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